Costume Studio Management

At the Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre Jenn has been the Director of Costumes since 2017. She oversees a large team of artists, including 5 costume designers, draper, first hands, crafts team, wardrobe team, stitchers, wig designer and wig team, and interns in each area.  

Jenn enjoys fostering a productive environment that blends local talent with  a diverse group of artists from across the United States.

Check out this time-lapse video of the studio during the 2018 season!

Utah Festival Opera & Musical Theatre

Depending on the season, UFOMT produces 5-6 productions. Each is a blend of build/ bought/ rent/ pull, with casts averaging 35-40 performers.

Every season, over 2000 costumes pieces are used across the various productions and kept organized by the studio and the wardrobe team. 

In recent years, Jenn organized stock and created ground maps/ organizational paperwork to facilitate pulling, maintenance, restocking and outside rentals.

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